Have you ever had the experience of investing in more efficient equipment, communicating this to your guests, the real users, showing your commitment to sustainability and then the resources consumption increases instead of decreasing?

I am sorry to inform you, but you are not the first one, nor will probably be the last.

What happens is that guests even recognize your merit and effort of investing in more efficient equipments and are really pleased that they have chosen your accommodation, but once they get to know this, they often feel that they have already done their part in choosing an accommodation, with this kind of concerns.

This choice turns out to be an “excuse” for themselves whenever they take a longer shower, or worry less about the lights that stay on, without a real need for it.

The truth is that they will never know the result of these less sustainable behaviors, which reflect real resource consumptions – water and energy, and which will later be reflected in the bills you will receive at the end of the month.

Often their logic is “I am sustainable because I am in a sustainable accommodation”. But that is far from being true.


The answer is clear, and yes off course. You won’t quit doing your part! The point is, we need to bring the guest to the “operations theater”.

The Guest must be considered The key when defining a strategy to transform our accommodation into a more sustainable unit.


We must stop ignoring the guest as a piece of the operations of our accommodation unit. The way we engage him, and literally use his stay, to achieve our goals is crucial to the results we seek to achieve.

That’s why The Great Village’s methodology makes the guest a centerpiece. He will be, along with the improvements you make on your accommodation, the changing agent and the one that will bring the efficiencies that you seek.

In short, the truth is that it will be your guest who will help you so that your bills are smaller today. And so, the bill we will all have to pay in 10 years’ time will be much lower than current expectations.

We all need to contribute.

Tiny habits. Big impact. Remind all your guests!

Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help you.

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