There would be a lot to say about this character, but for now I can tell you that I don’t wear underwear on top of my clothes and I don’t have a red cape 😀 Oh, and I didn’t hit my head either!

So I’m a slightly different “heroine”, let’s say … I’m a mother and a passionate about sustainability, who after working for almost 10 years with Management Systems, Quality, Environment and Safety… Wow! and almost turning japonese 😉 I decided to work with tourists, who are always, or almost always, in a good mood … and why is that? Well they are on vacations, off course!

But the truth is that the sustainability bug would not let go of my shoes and every time I was with the tourists I tried to “get them” to behave more responsibly and gave them several “tips” so that their presence had less impact in the city. Hazards of the profession!

And so, the idea of ​​The Great Village was born. It was genuinely born out of the opportunity I saw while influencing them. When in a friendly and fun conversation I would let them know the most responsible and fantastic options so that they could explore them for themselves … or in contact with friendly local people like you and me 😉

What I was creating without thinking about it was an engaging vacation experience that fostered responsible and sustainable behaviors and tourists and at the same time crafted memories for a lifetime.

The Great Village wants to go even further and give those who visit us a “real measure” of the impact the Tiny Habits we give them have on their stay.

Because we all have a role to play. Which is yours?