What if … another way of living was possible? In a place where all people are conscious of their role in the Earth System, where the knowledge essential to to life exists and the community gives back to nature. A place where men respects the Earth System and understands that he is just a small part of the whole.

This place will be The Great Village!

The Great Village is no longer a project of Responsible Tourism.

It aims to become a place where you can adapt to a regenerative lifestyle, in contact with nature, our own nature, and where people recognize their interconectedeness between eachother and with all the other living beings and elements, and from which our life depend upon.

Here you will become a part of a community that will allow you to build your own home, in a collaborativelly way, and live in a piece of Gaia that will provide for you and your family.

Here you will become an Earth Regenerator.

We all have a role in this change. Which is yours?

Join The Great Village, today!