Over nine months have passed on the Design Jam that came out as a Serious Games Workshop, in Casa do Impacto, and what happened in the following months changed the course of all our lives.

I’ve personally kept working to keep my income and tried as much as possible take care and stay close to my loved ones. This was probably also your case and we all tried to focus on the essential and vital aspects of our daily routines.

But today I’ve decided to write you out of love and specially to those who followed The Great Village, the project and the idea and were even generous enough to share their time and energy with it, to let you know what happened since then.

Back in April, and after being in quarantine, my perception was that tourism would be one of the most hit sectors and wouldn’t go back to what we knew soon after the state of emergency was over. I felt tourism was about to change forever and maybe for better.

It was in that moment that I’ve decided to stop the project The Great Village, while a Responsible Tourism project. I simply could not see a path for it in the near future.

But as the time went by and we were experiencing new restrictions, new freedoms and learned to appreciate the small and “insignificant” aspects of our daily lives, that we had for granted for too long, it became evident to me that the pandemic was a result of our current lifestyle.

In the pandemic I saw the opportunity for us, mankind, to make a significant shift and avoid the business as usual. I knew that there were other crisis in our past and other people felt the same as I did, and in fact the contrary forces that only had in mind maximizing profits and economic growth, no matter what, always won.

Taking in mind what Winston Churchill said at the end of the second World War, all the other crisis were a waste, in the sense that we did not use them to produce the significant change that we needed.

Still, for me, the present one felt different. Never before we have faced such a huge threat to our survival, as a species, with the climate and biodiversity emergencies. That’s why I felt the urgency to seize this crisis to strength movements like the one already initiated by Greta Thunberg and other activists and take our lives into the next level.

In Corona I saw the “reboot” we needed, I saw what was truly essential to life and the consequences of perpetuating this lifestyle. It was also here that I realized that the legacy of a lifetime, particularly mine, could not be perpetuating it, but creating an alternative. Show that there are alternatives and to create a different path for myself and eventually for others that might want to follow.

It was in one of those nights while in quarentine, when I would invariably wake up at five thirty in the morning, that I imagined the man in quarantine as if in a chrysalis state and I realized what was being asked us. The analogy that I imagined in my mind, still half asleep, seemed so inspiring that I felt compelled to “materialize it” in a drawing that described the “human lifecycle”.

Man would have to become the earth’s Regenerator. We have to give more than we take, because we took too much and for too long.

What presented me as essential to life was: a shelter, food, health care and education. So, I started to think of a way to ensure these vital needs.

Since I started to seriously meditate on this, it became clear to me that living in the city far from the place where food is produced and without the skills to produce it would be one of the biggest issues.

So I would have to move from the city to the country and integrate myself in a community where I could learn these skills.

This, I tought, would be the starting point, but here I would need a home to live. It was then that I decided, and after a lot of research, to build my own Tiny House On Wheels. This was the way to get the basic construction skills that would allow me to build a minimalist house where I could live. Skills that I could then share with others.

The path started to unfold in front of me…